What is 3PL?

3PL (Third party distribution) refers to the proposal–based management of integrated logistics operations for third party customers.

3PL services take on the entire logistics process on behalf of the sender or shipper, improving the shipper’s own logistics operation and making it more effective.

By recommending and implementing improvements in customer logistics, and by offering a wide range of services in addition to all-in-one contracts, we undertake strategic outsourced services for customers, including the building of logistics systems.

Benefits of using 3PL

  • Management resources can be focused on cost reduction and the basics of the business.
  • Concentrate more closely on company’s main activities.
  • Eliminate surplus costs with regard to warehouse rental and logistics staff.
  • Optimize logistics via improved distribution network.
  • Shorten lead time from receiving an order through to delivery of the product.
  • Reduce storage space and lower inventory through consolidating storage centers.
  • Reduce number of logistics business partners by combining and integrating logistics tasks. Simplify transactions.
  • Reduce administrative processes such as customer contact, negotiation, implementing contracts, and invoicing and payments. Improve office efficiency.
  • Reduce investment expenditure related to logistics.

Businesses today are under urgent pressure to reduce costs. While the scope for cost cutting in sales, administration and production is limited, there are numerous opportunities for companies to cut costs in their logistics departments.

We invite you to use our Company’s 3PL services as a way of making your business more efficient. Our 3PL services share information with the shipper to ensure full transparency for both the advantages and the risks involved. Building trust enables a mutually beneficial “win-win” relationship to be developed.

We make comprehensive logistics proposals to our customers. These include cost improvements, building and maintaining information systems, and negotiating with shippers.

3PL initiatives

We work closely with our customers to establish inventory plans, using inventory management techniques to eliminate stock surpluses and shortages, as well as redundant stock.

We take orders directly from dealers and distributors in order to better oversee inventory, monitor order management, and respond on delivery times.

We have over 30 years of successful experience in logistics co-ordination, including areas such as the issuance of vouchers online, instructing warehouses (order preparation, inspection, packing), arranging delivery.

We reduce storage and transportation costs through the appropriate management of stock, from development through to supply of packaging materials.

We continually strive to improve our customer service and to eliminate business waste.